I worked as a Creative Director Digital on various digital campaign websites (and a chatbot) for Sparkasse. Since the digital team was quite small, I worked on everything which was needed. All projects were made in tight cooperation with the campaign team to ensure a consistent experience across all touchpoints. With 32 million customers, the Sparkasse Finance Group is the market leader in Germany.
Creative director
Sparkasse - you better pay quick, with kwitt.
Kwitt is a new function within the Sparkasse app, which lets you send money quickly and simply from your phone. One of my favourite projects just because of the highly collaborative atmosphere within the team and the "let's do it" attitude.
Sparkasse is Germany’s oldest bank. To get young people excited about its newest product Kwitt we launched an online campaign with an unusual testimonial: a debt collector. Via Facebook Messenger users could hire him for various missions – from collecting money to inviting friends to a party. Behind the concept was the world’s first chatbot to feature creative storytelling.
Sparkasse - Olympic Games Rio 2016

The Sparkasse Finance Group is Germany’s largest non-public sponsor of sports. Many Olympic athletes were supported by their local savings banks. To highlight this, we developed a campaign for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Besides a classic campaign (print and TVC), we sent a fan reporter to Rio.
What makes this project so special is, that it started as an almost non-digital project. But soon after we presented our digital ideas to the client the project started to grow in a more and more digital direction. Eventually, the Fan-reporter was also a success among the athletes. Sparkasse continued their engagement with him for the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang.
The idea was to get as close to the action as possible and thus set ourselves apart from the usual press material. Every day our fan reporters met and cheered on the athletes, carried out interviews, sent fan messages and much more. The home of the fan reporter blog was on the official German Olympic team website.

Gif animations we used in the posts to celebrate the athletes

Unused layouts for various campaigns

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